Changes to the PD


Tiocfaidh Ár Lá
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Apr 3, 2020
Hello everyone, hope all is well. As you may have gathered, Jeran Asard is no longer going to be chief of the VCPD. The decision was made between myself and csj that we want to aim for a new, active management of PD.
The new High Command well be as follows:
  • Chief of Police: Jack (Daniel_Tubbs)
  • Assistant Chief: Horgan (Shane_Jones)
  • Commander: smalls (Nicholas_Angel)
  • Commander: Thomas2 (Leonard_Vandy)
I have no doubt that the three I've chosen to help lead the faction will do a great job and will be active. All current PD members will keep their positions unless already removed for inactivity.

Secondly, the PD forums are getting scrapped. We believe there is no need for a separate forum for a faction, especially considering the small playerbase. You will see the application forum and all employment info under the Vice City Police Department section of the forums appear in the next day or so. Lateral transfers and regular transfers will be open as soon as you see the application.

With this new reformed PD, we also want to simplify things down in terms or divisions and sub-divisions. There is no need to have a complex PD with the current playerbase. So as for divisions, the only two divisions will be SWAT and Detective Bureau for the foreseeable future. All applications will be handled by high command for the time being.

For all active members confused as to why they were removed from the PD discord, unfortunately, Jeran decided to delete the PD discord and forums in an attempt to purposely destroy PD materials. It was an act done out of sheer badness and spite, and I was very disappointed to see it. We managed to salvage a backup of the PD forums thanks to James so we can begin transferring over PD material to these forums right away.

That's it for now, I will be sure to keep you all in the loop about any changes.