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Apr 13, 2020
Getting started on VC:RP

To start off with, you will need to submit a Character creation request here on the forums (link). Once you’ve been accepted and received your code to login via PM, launch SAMP and load into the server. All there server information can be found here: (link)
I would recommend taking a look through the server rules while you are waiting to be accepted to ensure you do not break any of the rules and get punished for it. (link)

Once you’ve decided what you want to do with your character, there are many different routes you can take to get started. In this guide, it is mainly going to be getting started with a legal character, as some of the things mentioned in this guide, may not be advised to do if you’re wanting to take the illegal route of things.

Before you get started, here is a list of commands that will be very useful during your time on the server:
/help - This will give you a list of options, which will help you with all different aspects of the server. (img)
/map - You can use this to help find your way around Vice City, to all the different jobs, stores, etc. (img)
/stats - This shows all of the stats of your account that you will need to see.
/sk(ills) - Skills show you the progression of each job in the server.
/re(port) - If you need to report something to the admins, ie; someone breaking the rules or if you’re stuck somewhere.
/ask - Using this, a moderator will be able to come to you personally to answer questions or help you out.
/n(ewbie) - You can use /n if you need to ask any script related questions.
/time - shows you the server time, next paycheck and job cool downs.
/toggles - this will give you a list of options you can toggle off/on, such as player names, freezes, vehicle names, etc.

A few key bits of information:
You get paychecks every hour, you can do (/time) to see when your next one is.
You can have 1 job as a Non-VIP and 2 as Silver+ VIP. You can see all VIP perks here: (link) and purchase here: (link).
You can have a maximum of 2 vehicles, unless you have VIP, you can have upto 5.
After 25 hours, the hungry system will be introduced to you, meaning you will need to go to restaurants to eat to keep your hunger up. If you don’t eat, you will become sick and it will eventually kill you.
Every business you can buy from will have an interaction point, this is just a floating arrow you can see, showing where you need to type the command for the business.

So, now you’ve loaded into the server, you may want to collect an array of things to get yourself kick started; an ID, drivers licence, change of clothes, a vehicle, registration for your vehicles and maybe a phone and walkie talkie to contact your friends. You get either one of these first, depending on if you’re willing to take a little risk.

One of the faster routes, to stop yourself from running back on yourself would be to head straight to the bank to withdraw some money;

Withdraw some money
(/map > Businesses > Bank) -
follow the checkpoint and head inside, crouching to enter. Once inside, head over to the interaction point and you can do (/bwithdraw [amount]) - I would recommend taking around $3,000 out, this should cover the cost of everything in this guide.

Buying some clothes
After you’ve come out of the bank, you should head to the clothing store to get a change of clothes to suit your character.
(/map > Businesses > Clothing Store) - this will lead you to the nearest clothing store. When you’re inside, head to the interaction point and do (/buyclothes) - this will bring a menu up where you can choose the skin for your character. You can also come back here once you have 20 playing hours to buy accessories for your character such as hats, watches, masks etc. You can do this by typing (/buytoys).

Next, you have a couple of options. You can either run to city hall to get yourself an ID, or you can buy yourself a vehicle to drive over there. Bear in mind, if you choose to get the vehicle first, you will not have an ID or driver's license, so it will be against the law if you get pulled over by the police.

Buy yourself a vehicle
If you want to get your vehicle first, head outside and the dealership is just to your right - or you can do (/map > Vehicle Related > Normal Dealership) if you struggle to find it. Head inside and do (/buyvehicle) at the interaction point. You will then be able to choose the vehicle you wish to buy (within your budget, you can do (/stats) to see how much you have in the bank). You can view all of the vehicles you can purchase on the server and see a bit of information about them here: (link).
Once you have found the vehicle you want, click on it and you should get the option to pay with cash or your bank. You should use your bank if you only took the recommended amount out earlier.
After purchasing your car, head outside and do (/callcar) - this will lead you right to your vehicle! You can do (/lock) or press (‘H’) to unlock it. Hop in and you can do (/e) or press (‘N’) to start it up.

Get an ID
Depending on which route you chose, you should head straight to city hall to get yourself an ID. Do (/map > Public Services > City Hall). Drive to the checkpoint and head inside. Once you get to the interaction point, you need to do (/buyid).

Get a drivers license and register your vehicle
Once you have your ID, you can now go take your drivers test or buy yourself a vehicle, if you decide not to risk it! To find your way, (/map > Vehicle Related > DMV). Drive to the checkpoint given to you, park up out of the way and head inside. Remember to lock your vehicle or someone could steal it. Once inside, you can do (/starttest standard) - this will start your drivers test. Head out of the building and around the back into one of the drivers test vehicles. You need to be quick once you’re in the vehicle because to pass the drivers test, you must complete it in under 3 minutes 30, causing as little damage to the car as possible, or you could fail. I would recommend pressing ‘N’ to start the car straight up once you’re in. When you finish the test, head inside to get your results. Do (/gettestresults). If you fail, don’t worry you can try it again straight away.
To register your vehicle, you must do (/registervehicle) inside of the DMV and select your car on the list.
When you get 10 hours, you can try to get your truckers licence. Go back to the DMV and do (/starttest trucker) inside, this time you have 4 minutes 15 to complete it in, causing very little damage to the truck as possible.

Buy a mobile phone/other essentials
Now that you’ve got all of that sorted, you could head to a 24/7 to pick yourself a mobile phone up and anything else you may want. Do (/map > Businesses > 24/7), and once again head to the checkpoint, head inside to the interaction point and do (/buy) - this will bring up a list of every item the 24/7 sells. You can also check out a hardware store to see if they have anything to offer for you - (/map > Businesses > Hardware) and do (/buy) at the interaction point.
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Apr 13, 2020
A brief description of jobs:
Hopefully there will be a full guide of all jobs made soon which I can link to this.

There are many different jobs to choose from. You can do (/map > Jobs) to see the list of jobs you can choose from. You will only be able to do the trucker job if you have a truckers license and the Farmer Job is restricted to official factions only.

To get any of the jobs do (/map > Jobs) - choose the job you wish to do.

Arms Dealer
Full guide - (link)
Brief description
In the arms dealer job, you can collect materials (/map > Jobs > Arms Dealer Matruns (/getmats)) Head to the checkpoint and do (/getmats) at the floating ‘i’. You will get an option between street/standard/military. Start out with the street materials as these are the cheapest and the only ones you’ll be able to use straight away. You will be given a checkpoint to follow. Go to the checkpoint and you should see a little box on the floor. Do (/takebox) and you’ll be given a checkpoint back to where you started. Head into the checkpoint and you will receive your materials. Once you have these, you can do (/creategun) or (/createammo) and create weapons/ammo according to your level. You can do (/sk) to track your progress through the levels.

Car Jacker
To start this job you must (/dropcar) 25 vehicles. You will need to steal unlocked and unowned vehicles. Once you find one, (/hotwire) to attempt to start the car - you will be given 5 simple puzzles to solve. When you have the car started do /dropcar and drive into the checkpoint, you will receive cash for doing this, the amount depends on the type and size of vehicle you deliver. You will then receive SMS’s for different requests of vehicles to deliver to them.

To get started once you have the job, do (/map > Jobs > Deliverer Supplies (/getsupplies)). Once you’re there, do (/getsupplies) and choose a type of business you wish to deliver to. The business will need to be accepting supplies, you could ask someone In Character where is accepting, or find out yourself through trial and error. Once you have your chosen supplies. You can use (/map > Businesses > (Chosen store type)) to find the closest store. Head inside and do (/sellsupplies) at the interaction point. You will either get a message saying the business isn’t accepting, not enough money or the option to sell the supplies for a certain price. Once you sell, rinse and repeat. You deliver 5 more supplies each time you level up. (/sk) to check your progression. 50 delivers per level.

Official faction only. Once you have the job, use (/map > Jobs > Farmer (/collectleaves)) and follow the checkpoint. Once there, do (/pickleaves) - you will now get another checkpoint. Head there and drive into the checkpoint and you will receive your leaves.

You will need a boat, fishing rod and bait to do this. You could either rent a boat or buy one yourself. Do (/map > Businesses > Marina) - head inside and do (/buy). This will give you the option to buy a fishing rod and bait. You will need 10 bait for every fishing trip. Inside here you can also do (/buyboat) and buy yourself a boat. I’d recommend buying a Dinghy to start out with. This will be all you need till you reach level 5 - you will then need a bigger boat to catch bigger fish. Once you’ve got your boat, rod and bait, head to your boat and hop inside. You will need to drive around and do (/fish) to catch your fish. Once you have caught 10 fish, head back to land and do (/map > Jobs > Fisherman Sellfish (/sellfish)) - head to the checkpoint and do (/sellfish) to sell all of the fish you just caught. The higher level you are, the better fish you get, in return gets you more money. You can track your level with (/sk) - it takes 100xp between every level. You will only be able to do a fishing trip once every hour, use (/time) to check how long you have left.

Garbage Man
Head to the garbage depot (/map > Jobs > Garbage Man). Hop in a garage truck and follow the checkpoints to pick garbage up. Once you’ve completed all of the stops, you need to head back to the garbage depot to finish the run.

You can use this job to fix yours and other people's vehicles along with installing modifications to vehicles. You should head to a hardware store (/map > Businesses > Hardware), head inside and do (/buy). You will need to buy yourself a toolkit and some engine parts in order to fix vehicles. You will need to use the commands /car hood inside and outside of the vehicle to pop the hood, then (/fixcar) to fix it. (/car hood) once again to close the hood. You can install things such as nitrous, hydraulics and advanced car locks as you go up the levels. (/sk) to track your progress, 1000xp per level.

Pizza boy
Pretty simple, head to the job location (/map > Jobs > Pizza Boy). Hop on one of the delivery bikes and you will be given a checkpoint to deliver the pizza to. You will be paid per delivery and get more as you go through the levels. It is 200 deliveries per level, (/sk) to track.

Once you’ve got your truckers license, head and get the job /map > Jobs > Trucker. You will then have to wait until you get a text from ‘Big Rig’ giving you a job. If you want the job, do - (/sms 343 Yes). You will then need to head to the trucker depot, (/gate) to open up the gate and hop in a truck. Make sure you attach your trailer by reversing into it before driving away. Head out of the depot and to the checkpoint given. Once at the checkpoint, stop and turn off the engine. Do (/loadtruck) and wait 20 seconds for it to be loaded. You will be given another checkpoint to go to once this is done. Start your engine and head to the checkpoint. Once arriving, stop at the checkpoint and turn off your engine once again and do (/deliver). Wait 20 seconds again before the delivery is done, start your engine and head back to the checkpoint at the trucker yard. Head inside and do (/finishdelivery) inside the checkpoint. You will receive $2000 dollars for each run.
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Apr 2, 2020
Very nice guide. We had a system in MTG where new players got a welcome message on the forums. Perhaps we could set the same thing up along with this article.