Taking Ownership


Mar 22, 2020
Good morning / afternoon or evening,

What an eventful 24hrs it has been on Crea Gaming. Although we have seen some of the worst actions taken we have learnt so much from it. Throughout this post I'm not going to name and shame people as that isn't fair but I want to be open and honest with the community and give you all an idea of the steps us as management will be taken to improve relations between admins and players.

Let's all start at the beginning where this all started, a well known and respected member of this community alongside others was banned due to comments that they were making on the forums about decisions that were being made. I can't comment on exactly why these particular individuals were banned as I wasn't the person who banned them but I'm all about honesty. We can't deny that the community has seen a rise in people signing up to the forums who were around when MTG was still a thing, yes some of them have joined to troll, some of them have joined to have a laugh with mates and see how far they can push it but as admins we shouldn't let this effect us personally but deal with those players if they actually break a rule. Not ideal but it's a fair way to deal with it as we can't just start banning people randomly because you've annoyed a member of management. This as rightly so has caused complete uproar within the community as one it has shown a lack of communication from us to you as the players but two what exactly have they been banned for and am I next? At no point should a user feel like this and I understand your frustration. Emotion shouldn't be involved when helping you make a decision as an admin, you should be impartial. I can assure you from this moment onwards I encourage and will continue to push that admins talk to each other as well as myself and the lead admins before a big decision is made.

When I took this role alongside Ben and Coo I accepted the fact that ultimately whatever decisions are made in regards to Crea Gaming would full on my head as a member of management, regardless of who has made the decision. I want to tell the community that I accept full responsibility for this and take ownership and promise for lessons to be learnt and actions to be taken so this never happens again. As I've stated in my status updates I've spoken to the admin team and well respected members of MTG and I thank them for there time, patience and honesty and although I can't deliver on all of the suggestions I will work on as many as I can to help fix and point this community in the right direction. I hope that people will learn from this is thst I'm always open to feedback and criticism as I think it is healthy, one thing I've learnt from this position as a red name isn't liked that much and you will always be blamed but I will always listen and am comfortable to put my hands up when I've been wrong and let me say we got it terrible wrong today. So if you believe you see an issue please feel free to PM me.

I can confirm that Ben has stepped down from the position of management and won't be returning. I want to thank him for his incredible hard work he has put into the server and Crea Gaming as a whole and wish him every success in the future.

I know that some members of the community either have never heard of certain admins before or don't agree with them having the position they do. I have listened and a review is taking place but I want to add the fact that people can change and I'm all for giving people an opportunity. So I ask that you give the admin team a chance too.

I'm going to outline the steps I have taken and the steps I will be taken with the admin team going forward.

- A full admin review will be taken place with myself, coo, Altezza and Johan working on this.
- Better feedback and ways for us to listen to the communities concerns and issues
- Admins will be assigned roles to do I.e someone focusing on business apps etc
- Review forum rules and adjust/add/remove rules accordingly

I'm certain that this list will grow overtime and from your comments below I will pick out ideas and add to it.

As a community we will always have people who have differences and want to see things changed or fixed but I want Crea Gaming to be a place for people to come and have fun. Don't get me wrong forum drama is always interesting and always makes it thrive. I see potential for this community and I want this to continue for as long as it can so I won't be giving up and I will continue to listen to the community to help improve it.

Last but not least I want to apologises to the players/users that got caught up in this mess. I appreciate some of you are just here for the entertainment on the forums but still this isn't a way to be treated so please accept my apologises for this.

I'm going to leave this thread open for questions and feedback. Please don't spam this thread with useless stuff, I'm genuinely interested in people's feedback and questions and will try and answer them as soon as I can.

I apologises if I haven't covered everything in this post but I hope this has helped a bit. I need some sleep now as I have work again tomorrow! I will respond when I can. Thank you for your patience and continued support!

Many thanks,