The Agency and you


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Mar 27, 2020

The Agency has been within the MTG script for time, so the decision has been made to bring it back as Merces Letifer and allow players to utilize it the way they can with official factions. Merces Letifer will be running quite differently from the previous, this is to create better roleplay for both the player who places the hit and the contracted. This is just a post to give the community insight on how the new Agency will be working and how it has and will improve from the former.

Placing Hits
Looking back on the old faction, it was quite idiotic how it worked in terms of /contract, being able to use the command anywhere without any prior RP doesn't make the most sense. We have decided that Merces Letifer will be working behind Blackfield Chapel, this will be the place that players will go and /placecontract, however, it will be under the agent's discretion to /contract internally whether or not they see that the roleplay leading up to the /placecontract was up to standard and not just done in a rush manner. It is expected of players to have a genuine reason to want another player dead, the roleplay with whatever priest is dealing with the Blackfield Chapel situation must be thorough and explained to minimal detail otherwise the priest will not pass the message to the agents. When the contracted is brought to Merces Letifer the Director must assign it to an agent before anymore RP happens. You will be contacted by the assigned agent shortly after asking about the hit and requested to schedule a meeting, from there the RP will play out according to the situation between the agent, the player placing the hit and the contracted player.

If a player places a hit on another without valid roleplay reason to and lies to the priest dealing with the initial interaction, the person who places the hit will be punished

If you are contracted
If you are contracted the roleplay will be as fun for you as it is for the player placing the hit. I have decided there will be no more one-line /rp sniping a player without engaging with them thoroughly. Each faction member is also deemed fit and trusted to create unique roleplay each hit, it is also obvious that if you are contracted you can do your best to avoid being killed by the agents, however, you must have IC knowledge that you have had a contract placed on you, and you must not metagame to avoid the roleplay, basic server rules apply here, so just abide by them and it will work out for everyone involved.

It is also to be known that if you place a contract on someone that you can request a unique way of killing, once it is reasonable and the agents dealing with ICly deem it fit. This will also give both players an opportunity they wouldn't get with for example an official street gang who would have one particular style of RP and how they would deal with contracts.

Merces Letifier will always be looking for new members to join, however, if you follow the forum accounts posts you will see that there are unique ways of recruitment that require you to use your head OOCly. This faction along with any other official faction represents the server as a whole and it should be a faction of a high standard. This includes the players, your RP must be of a high standard, it is also recommended that if you are looking to join Merces Letifer you keep an eye out for IC posts both in-game and on the forums, as well as maybe creating a character development thread and mold your character to how you think he would fit in the faction. As well as this, the player must have a good reputation within the community, no official faction wants a troll to represent them, this faction is no different.
If the faction sees you fit as a potential member of the faction, you will be approached and tested based on roleplaying abilities and situational awareness.

If you know about an agent

Any member of this faction has spent some time over the server's duration, developing their characters as well as keeping themselves under the radar at all times when performing hits or contract intelligence so it is asked that if you find out about a player been apart of the faction please keep it to yourself, think of if the shoe was on the other foot. If a player is found to have leaked an agent's name leading to any metagaming, they'll be punished accordingly.

Suggestions and Feedback
This is a huge point for me, there is always going to be controversy surrounding the faction, it was like that in 1.0 MTG all the way through to MTG:LS and I expect no difference here, however, if you have any suggestions about the faction or feedback about an agent, please please please forum PM Merces Letifer, I'm also going to ask that if you don't agree with the concept of the faction and are not willing to offer some constructive feedback/suggestions, that you keep your opinion to yourself.
If you have any suggestions about how you'd like to see a hit performed or what type of screenshots you would like to see, again make your opinion be heard.