The Blackmarket - VC Gun/Drug System


Apr 28, 2020
Hello! With the release of Vice City tomorrow, here will be how guns and drugs are now distributed between players. I understand it is a very controversial change, but I know you will grow to love it.

The Black Market
The Black Market is a deep-web website that is exclusive to a certain few dealers and sellers in VC and the surrounding states. Those who run it specify their market to only selling weaponry and drugs. It is a hub of illegal dealings that can either lead you to getting your cargo, getting scammed and even having the police tipped off about your deals.

How does it work?
There are two sections to the Black Market; one reserved for official factions and one for strawmen. Strawmen can be anybody; from your local meth cook all the way to a high-earning businessman with a discrete life. As long as your character has a valid reason and roleplay backing to sell arms, you qualify to apply to become a Strawman.

All shipments listed on the Black Market will be bidded on in private. Those who see it send a message with the designated format to the account The Handler and these bids will remain secret. Whoever bids the most wins the shipment and the others will just have to wait until next time. Each buyer may purchase a maximum of three shipments a week just so one person can't over-price every single one to keep it fair.

To start off, there are two types of sellers on the Black Market. You have Verified Sellers and New Sellers. I will break them down seperately.

Verified Sellers are those who you trust most. They have the goods you want, but it comes at an extra cost, the minimum bid will be high but you have no chance what-so-ever of it being a scam, or a police set up. These deals are secure and will always go through.

New Sellers are used at your own risk. The price of their shipments minimum bid will always be lower than a Verified Sellers, but you run the risk of it being a scam or a police set up, or alternatively; you might just get what you were buying in the first place. Its a gamble, but if you're wanting cheap weapons, then thats up to you to gamble for them.

What Can I Buy?
Strawmen have access to only these weapons in all shipment listings: Colt, Silenced Colt, Desert Eagle, MP5, Uzi, Tec-9, Sawn-off Shotgun, Pump Action Shotgun and Armour. They will also be able to get shipments of any drug available up to 50 grams.

Official Factions have access to all of the above, as well as AK47s, M4A1s, Sniper Rifles and Country Rifles. In exclusive auctions that are extremely rare to come about, they may even be able to buy Grenades and Molotovs. They will also be able to get shipments of any drug up to 150 grams.

I can address any comments left below and clear up any confusion if there is any, thank you.
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