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Mar 22, 2020
Good morning, afternoon or evening,

Let's get right to the point. Our launch of Vice City was quite frankly a flop. We failed to identify some ground breaking bugs that was one making the experience for the player boring or two just causing so many issues people got frustrated and left. So it's time to take a step back and look at where we went wrong.

As you've noticed Rickles has kindly joined me at the level of management to help provide guidance and look at where we're going wrong. Vice City does have potential and we all know it does but that doesn't give us the right to keep making mistakes. Not only do we long term want Crea Gaming the flourish as a SA:MP community but grow into other games as well.

So what's next? This is a great question, the decision was taken this evening to lock the server and place it into development again. This has happened for two reasons the first is we have too many bugs on the server right now that is effecting gameplay and two we're reviewing our security on the server and script.

I've reached out to Chenko for some assistance to get us back onto our feet to which he has kindly agreed to! I'm very grateful for this. In the future I will be looking to expand the development team by looking to advertise on the SA-MP forums. In the mean time I ask for one more opportunity to make this right, one more opportunity to fix things and make them correct. I've got some great people surrounding me that really want to make this succeed and I don't plan on letting them down nor do I plan on letting the community down.

If you want to help out with testing the server to locate bugs please visit here:

We're looking to get more testers onboard to help stress test the server as we update it.

To the players who have bought VIP, don't worry your VIP will be renewed back to the start upon the server relaunching.

In regards to character creations, this is something myself and the team have discussed several times and we're happy for the time being to disable character creations until further notice. Of course this will open issues in regards to hackers but it's something the team is willing to deal with.

I have no dates nor do I want to put one out there, as a team we have a lot of work to do internally before I can come out with a statement. This time though it will be much bigger and much better!

Thank you for taking some time to read this and thank you for your continued support and patience.

Many thanks,

Cres Gaming Management
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