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Apr 6, 2020
Feature Overview
Feature Name:
Script Author:
Feature Version
: 1.0.0
Documentation: Charles (wilson)
Special Thanks: I'd like to thank Chenko for all his work he's done for the server so far

Feature Summary

  • Within Vice City you can buy; cars, vans, bicycles, motorcycles and boats.
  • Cars and vans are both able to be modified with nitrous and hydraulics from any qualified mechanic!
  • There is one vehicle mod shop in Vice City that can be used to change the colour of any car or van as well allowing for certain vehicles to have their appearance changed provided the base game allows it (bumpers, spoilers etc). Motorcycles, bicycles and boats have to have their colour changed by a mechanic.
  • The amount of storage space a vehicle has is relative to its size and can range from anywhere between 1 and 30.
  • There are individual dealerships for each of the vehicle categories with cars having two for both normal and expensive vehicles. You buy motorcycles within the car dealerships. There are certain vehicles which can only be purchased at the VIP locker (/locker on interaction point) for players with a VIP membership!
  • Players each have 2 vehicle slots. Players with a VIP membership get 5 slots
  • You can give keys to other players (one per vehicle) using /givekey
  • You can sell a vehicle to another player using /sellcar

Buying a Vehicle

Use /map >Vehicle Related to locate all of the vehicle dealerships within the city! Once you have located your dealership go to the interaction point and do /buyvehicle. It should then spawn out front. You can use /callcar to locate it otherwise

Modifying a Vehicle in the Mod Shop

To change the the appearance of certain cars with modifications that the base game allows you need to locate the vehicle mod shop using /map > vehicle related. Once inside, if you're in a relevant car, you can change it's appearance with the relevant body modifications. You can also change the colour and add paint jobs to vehicles. Do /entermodshop whilst in the car to enter the garage where you can modify your car! Please note that whilst it gives the option to add nitrous and hydraulics it is only able to be added by a mechanic and it will simply refund you if you try to purchase!

Modifying a Vehicle with a Mechanic

The other way to modify a vehicle is to find a mechanic or do it yourself if you are one! To change the colour of a vehicle, make sure the mechanic has a spray can (can be purchased at a 24/7) and have them sit in the vehicle and do /colourcar. It will give two options for colours depending on which area of the vehicle you want changing. You can find colour id's HERE. Mechanics are also the only way to give a car hydraulics or nitrous. They can add it to your car provided they have a NoS bottle and a hydraulics kit (can be purchased at a hardware store). The commands to do both are /noscar and /hydcar from inside the vehicle. Do /car hood from inside the car to lift the hood slightly and do the command again from the front to lift it fully to allow the mechanic to fix your vehicle if needed

Repairing a Vehicle

Cars, Vans and Motorbikes can be repaired at Pay 'n Sprays located throughout Vice City (/map > Vehicle Related > Pay N Spray to find the closest one) They can repair vehicles above 600 health (/dl to check). Any lower and they must be repaired via a mechanic with /fixcar provided they have engine parts (buyable from hardware store)

Vehicle Storage

You can store weapons, gas cans, drugs, money, armour, bombs, fishing-rods and mechanic related items inside your vehicle from the rear of the vehicle provided the hood is lifted using /car trunk (boot also works). Storage slots range from 1 - 30 depending on the size of the vehicle. Do /vstore and /vtake to add or remove items. Anyone can steal from vehicle if the trunk is left open!

VIP Vehicles

There are certain vehicles which can be purchased at the VIP lounge (/map >VIP lounge) and doing /locker at the interaction point

Refueling a Vehicle

There are two ways to refuel a vehicle. The most efficient way is by a gas station (/map > Businesses > Gas Station to find the closest) and doing /refuel from outside the vehicle. This will fully refuel your vehicle provided you have enough money on your person. Boats can be refueled the same way at the marina. If you, however, run out of fuel on the move you need to get a mechanic to fuel you up with a gas can (can be bought at 24/7) and have them do /refill close to the vehicle. A full gas can can give you 25% of your cars total fuel. To refill a gas, you must use /refillgascan at a gas station.

Related Commands

  • /buyvehicle
  • /car
  • /callcar
  • /parkcar
  • /vtake
  • /vstore
  • /lock
  • /sellcar
  • /unmodcar
  • /givekey
  • /dropkey
  • /hotwire
  • /vdetails
  • /refuel
  • /refill
  • /refillgascan
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