You're not listening, you're useless!


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Apr 27, 2020
Let's be honest none of you have a fucking clue what you're doing. You guys lucked out that so many people joined for mtg nostalgia but ur doing a pretty shit job of keeping them.

- None of the admins have a clue what they're doing, Horgan is the only one that actually seems to give a shit about the community.
- Admins have literally made everything that happened 10x worse because again none of you have a clue what you're doing
- Some retard with access to the control panel trying to take away likes and comments ending up in your server getting crashed
- Giving us the opportunity to vote for vice city, why not check if its feasible first you fucking idiots
- Getting baited by some spammer/troll in to banning loads of people and then backing yourself in to a corner and having to then unban people
- Constantly deleting threads and statuses causing more spam, especially the ones that don't need to be deleted at all
- One of the main people who need to be fucking removed from the staff team saying he reviewed everyone in the team - YOURE ONE OF THE PEOPLE THAT NEED TO GO
- The whole staff team including the server manager being online yet smoothie was the only one trying to deal with a whole forum of pissed of people?
- James you seriously need to grow a pair and fucking make some posts and actually show the community you are managing it
- Unless u do something asap the server will die so how about you use the money u got from vip donations and actually pay some people to fucking develop for the server instead of hiring people that don't know what they're doing yeah

Start by unbanning everyone that was banned this evening so the forums can go back to normal and then we can discuss how shite you all are